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What kind of art do you sell?
We sell limited edition fine art prints and limited edition canvas prints.

What is a fine art print?

It is a graphic image that is reproduced on high quality paper, with true color representation.

How are the prints made?
All prints are printed using the latest K3 Ultrachrome inkset from Epson. Fine art prints are printed on 100% cotton smooth fine art paper that is comparable to Hahnemühle 308. Canvas prints are printed on 100% cotton textured canvas that meets the Archival Standards set by the Fine Art Trade Guild for pH and lightfastness.

What does limited edition mean?

All prints sold via theBowerbirds are limited in edition. For instance, all 8" x 10" prints come in editions of 150 prints each. This means that once 150 prints in the 8" x 10" category have been sold for a particular print, no further 8" x 10" prints of that particular art work will be made or sold. In addition, all prints sold through theBowerbirds are available exclusively through us - you won't be able to get them anywhere else!  Each print will come with a Certificate of Authenticity which reflects the artist's name, artwork title and edition number.

Are all my prints signed and numbered?
All prints are hand-numbered, while Signature Edition prints are both numbered and hand-signed by our artists.

How long will the prints last?
The printing combination we use is certified to last at least 75 years without fading.

How should I care for the prints?

Prints should be framed to minimize their contact with the external environment. In addition, it would be best if your prints are not placed in direct sunlight.

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Return Policy

Returns are handled on a case-by-case basis. Please read the guidelines below and email us at with the subject title “Returns” so that we may better assist you.

If your print was damaged during shipping: In the unfortunate event that your order arrives damaged, please contact as soon as possible. We require proof of damage (a nice digital photo will do the trick) and for the damaged print to be returned.

We’ll replace your print as soon as we receive the necessary evidence (see above). However, as all prints are part of limited editions, we will not be able to replace damaged prints if an edition has sold out. If you received your print damaged AND the edition has sold out, we’ll be glad to fully refund both the cost of the print as well as the associated shipping costs.

If your frame was damaged during shipping (Singapore only):
Damaged frames will be replaced at no additional cost. We will even arrange for the damaged framed print (please provide both frame and print) to be picked up from your given address!

If your print has a printing flaw:
We have implemented numerous checks to ensure that you receive the print that you desire, but unfortunately, no system is perfect. If you do spot a defect, please contact and we will issue a replacement print within 14 days.

If your print is lost during shipping:
Your print may take some time to arrive, especially if it is being shipped internationally. See here for an estimate of when your print should arrive.  

If you have not received your print within 7 days of the estimated arrival period: 
Please check with your local post office to see if your print has been delivered to the correct address. If your local post office is able to confirm that your print has been lost, we will gladly send you a replacement if the edition has not ended its run. However, if the edition has sold out, you may request for a refund of your purchase.

We aim to keep our customers happy. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, please let us know the reasons why and what we can do to improve your future purchasing experiences!

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Customer Account

Why should I create an account with theBowerbirds?

For four reasons:
1. You will not have to enter your information again during your next purchase.
2. You can opt to receive newsletters that keep you updated on promotions and information about your favourite artists.
3. You can track your purchases.
4. It only takes two minutes!

Must I create an account to shop?
No, you do not have to.  

How can I receive newsletters?
Create an account here then select the option to receive newsletters!  Alternatively, you can sign up by keying in your email address at the bottom right of any page of our website.

What if I forget my username and/or password?
Just click here!

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Why is framing only available for shipment to Singapore?
theBowerbirds is based in Singapore, which makes it easier for us to source for and provide reliable framing services to customers in our vicinity. 


Additionally, we aim to meet the best interests of our customers - as framing is done in Singapore, we believe that customers will likely incur relatively higher shipping costs than if they source for a local framer themselves.

Nonetheless, if you would really like us to do the framing of prints for you, let us know, and we will try to work something out for you! 
We hope to extend framing services to other countries soon!

Can I send in a request for framing to be done for shipments not to Singapore?
This will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Contact us and we will try to work something out for you!

How are your prints framed?
All our framed fine art prints are custom-framed by our partner. The fine art prints are framed with wooden frames and non-reflective glass.  Customers (for delivery to Singapore) have the option of framing with or without a white mat.  We recommend framing without mat for prints above 16"x20".  

Are your framed prints ready to be hung?
Yes, they are ready to be hung.

How should I care for my framed prints?
When handling the framed prints, we recommend that you hold both sides of the frame.  It is best to hang your framed prints in a place where they are not exposed to direct sunlight.  

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Our Artists

Who are your artists?
Most of our artists are either established or up-and-coming illustrators and graphic designers from or based in Asia who create beautiful, unique and quirky art works.  

Can I join your database of artists?
As of now, theBowerbirds is focusing on marketing and selling prints that fall either under the category of graphic design or illustration. Nonetheless, we are looking to introduce photography in the future. If you are interested in joining our pool of artists, feel free to contact us for more details at

Question not answered?
Fill in the contact form here and we will reply you as soon as we can!

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