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theBowerbirds team aims to promote and raise awareness of art and artists from Asia. To give our audience a greater insight into the lives of our partner artists, theBowerbirds team does a special feature on one of its partners each month. 

Man-Tsun's works reflect the stylistic influence that anime and manga have on his creative processes, and his works often adopt bright colors and fluid lines. His creations frequently reflect an underlying element of "negativity" that encourages the viewer to question the true objective of the creation, in a manner that the artist calls "the Dark Abstract-ness". 


So where have you been drawing your ideas from these days?

Well, my ideas usually come to me randomly, but I enjoy swimming as a process by which I can expand on my thoughts. I don’t know why, but while I float in the water, ideas flow into my brain fluidly. This could also mean that I’m a more creative person during summer, as opposed to during winter. 

Love Shuffle

Could you name a creative who really inspires you and tell us why?

I think I am very much influenced and inspired by the Japanese Manga and Anime style. Redline, a Japanese anime about futuristic car racing, must have been the craziest anime I’ve seen lately. The contrast in colors and the dynamics are breathtaking. The most amazing thing is, all the crazy motions and angles are created by hand drawing, without a 3D software as a crutch.


Could you share with us the process of how you create a new piece of work?

I usually start off with rough sketches, overlapping lines, and layers over layers. A clean white canvas will eventually fill with scribbles and random lines. Through the randomness and chaos created by the lines I’ve drawn, I am able to visualize shapes and compositions that I want to adopt. From there, I shift from Photoshop to Illustrator to finalize my drawings. 


Any thoughts on Hong Kong's creative scene that you'd like to share?

In Hong Kong, “cartoony” and “kiddy style” influences are commonplace, and many people tend to work with this style. Many pieces of work I’ve seen look so similar, I can’t tell who the creator is. If this continues, with most people creating similar looking works, the range and level of creativity could be very limited in the future!  

What are the hugest challenges you face as an artist and designer?

I think the biggest challenges to me are … to Keep Improving my works and to Keep having an Unstoppable Desire to Create.  


What have you been up to lately? Anything we should keep a lookout for?

I am currently collaborating with a friend who is adept at writing, as we are planning to publish our own illustration book. I can’t share much with you at this stage yet, but stay tuned…

Any pointers for other young artists and/or designers? 

Don’t give up, even when no one appreciates your work. Just keep trying! 


To find out more about Man-Tsun, click here.