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Oblivion (Restaurant) 

theBowerbirds team aims to promote and raise awareness of art and artists from Asia. To give our audience a greater insight into the lives of our partner artists, theBowerbirds team does a special feature on one of its partners each month. 

Endira's works highlight everyday issues, such as the domestication of animals, but have a surrealistic quality in their likeness to old black and white photographs. The introduction of unexpected elements in her illustrations, as well as the discomfiting sereneness of her subjects, incite her audience to re-evaluate the things around us that we often take for granted.   

Now See What Is Thy View (Goat) 

So where have you been drawing your ideas from these days?

So far, I've been inspired by things that happen around me. I've been drawing many animals because I think that they're the closet "alien" to me and it excites me to think that we can interact with other living beings that are not human. Animal domestication is a fascinating issue to me. I grew up among many animals, which were mainly domesticated animals, and always wondered how the domestication of animals has affected how nature has evolved and the impact this has had on our daily lives. 

Could you name a creative who really inspires you and tell us why?

On some levels, paintings by the old masters are often inspirational to me. I've always been more of a conventional artist, and I believe that this appreciation of the classics has shaped my creative methods in this current period. Everyone has got to move on once in a while though ...

More indirectly, pop culture has influenced me as well. It's not about being trendy or the like, but about understanding what is going on in the world around us. I also look for inspiration in movies, documentaries, music, and popular science. Movies are great because they involve various kinds of art.

I also enjoy looking at random photographs - not saloon photography, but the candid photographs that people take. It's always fun to look twice (or more!) at candid pictures.

Could you share with us the process of how you create a new piece of work?

I think I've always been interested in realistic imageries. Previously, I begun drawing by trying to duplicate photographs, and still use that technique today. I basically think in a photographical way, and enjoy taking pictures and finding images. Subsequently, I try to compose my work - sometimes digitally, then retrace the compositions into drawings on canvas or on paper. I also dabble in some photography and video-making, and may still do that in the future..

Now See What Is Thy View (Cow)

Any thoughts on Indonesia's creative scene that you'd like to share?

The Indonesian creative scene is full of talent for sure. One issue that has struck me, though, is that of identity. What is the identity of Indonesian art? Indonesian design? Indonesian movies? Indonesian music? We've always been exposed to outside cultures, and the resulting exchange of points of views and references or the assimilation of various influences can result in many good things. Additionally, being compared to other art scenes is inevitable, and we're always subject to the opinions or judgments of others. We Indonesians do have to work harder, whether it is to improve the quality of our works themselves, to establish ourself as a profession, to gain more exposure. Yet, I am very thankful that I've gotten to meet numerous talented people here! 

What are the hugest challenges you face as an artist and designer?

When there aren't too many things to do, designing and making artwork are relatively easy things to do. The biggest challenge is really just to manage my time (and many times, my mood!), and to keep things constant - the mood, the atmosphere, the energy, the intensity - to create my artwork.;">. 

Oblivion (Table)

What have you been up to lately? Anything we should keep a lookout for?

I was actually quite occupied by a number of design projects in 2012, the visual identity for a movie, animation, a few illustrations... I'm guilty for postponing my solo exhibition, so I'm hoping that in 2013 I can focus my mind and energies into this. I'll let you know more about this!

Any pointers for other young artists and/or designers? 

Being an artist or designer is about "bringing" the intensity of our work to our audience, and I'd like to share this with my fellow artists and designers. What I've learnt is that we cannot cut corners on the quality of our work. We may think we've discovered a shortcut, but in the end, we will always know that there's something missing from our creation. 


To find out more about Endira, click here.