Whose Dream is This 

theBowerbirds team aims to promote and raise awareness of art and artists from Asia. To give our audience a greater insight into the lives of our partner artists, theBowerbirds team does a special feature on one of its partners each month. 

Yoko Furusho is an artist who has taken the best of her experiences from around the world to create fairytale landscapes that appeal to children everywhere. Her works depict fantastical worlds  full of strange creatures in pastel colors and soothing shades, and are havens to which children can only dream to escape to.

So where have you been drawing your ideas from these days?

I've been busy drawing at my studio in New York :)

Could you share with us the process of how you create a new piece of work?

When I create a new piece, I usually start by "writing" the word I associate with the subject or theme of the creation. I then do pencil sketches, ink in the lines, and colour with acrylics. 

Lion Kingdom

Any thoughts on being an Asian designer in New York that you'd like to share?

New York is an amazingly creative city. Many people from all over the world come here with a heart full of dreams so it's extremely competitive, but I think it is very exciting to be immersed in this atmosphere.

Could you name a creative who really inspires you and tell us why?

I greatly respect Akio Tomari, who is a photographer, and Wiliam Kentridge, who is an artist, though both creatives' works are very different from mine. Akio Tomari's photographs exude an air of quietness, and I like the subtleness of his works. They make me feel calm and relaxed. William Kentridge's creations, on the other hand, are magical and creative and I love his animation works!

Painting the World

How is it like exhibiting around the world? 

I really enjoy exhibiting in foreign countries. It is always fun to talk and interact with people from different cultures and backgrounds. Though it sounds a bit cheese, I really do feel that art has no boundaries.

We see that you've helped design some really cute iPhone cases. Are there any challenges you face when designing for merchandise? 

For me, it's never been hard to do illustrations for products . I always make things that I, myself, want to have. I was given quite a lot of freedom when designing my most recent iPhone cases so I enjoyed the process immensely. 

Health and Viruses

What have you been up to lately? Anything we should keep a lookout for?

I recently did a wall-painting commissioned by HOPR in New York. It was an intense and challenging experience but really fun! You can see more at the video here
I also had a recent collaboration with Art Directors Club for an iPhone app created by The Brave Penguin Laboratory. More on the app can be read here.

Any pointers for other young artists/designers? 

 You should check out the portfolios of these artists (who are also my friends from school):

Jaz Harold, a sculpture artist
Cannady Chapman, an illustrator

Anything else you'd like to share? 

My first children's book will be published this September, so do keep an eye out for it! 

To find out more about Yoko Furusho, click here.