A Fundraising Effort by theBowerbirds and Anchalee Temphairojana for Action for Singapore Dogs

Love art and love dogs? Help us reach our target of raising $10,000 for Action for Singapore Dogs, giving dogs a second chance at life!

Collage of The Tales of Twelve Dogs

TheBowerbirds and Thai artist Anchalee Temphairojana are currently working together to help raise S$10,000 for Action for Singapore Dogs (ASD), a non-profit volunteer-run organisation that practises a ‘no-kill’ policy.

Anchalee has specially commissioned a series of 12 works, being portraits of dogs which are/were under the care of ASD. Part proceeds of all prints and merchandise sold under this series will be donated to ASD, to support its efforts in rescuing and re-homing stray and abandoned dogs. 


Why the need for fundrasing

There are currently over 8000 stray dogs in Singapore who are left to survive on their own. Some stray dogs are abused by passers-by or become injured due to accidents. Whenever ASD receives information of such cases, volunteers of ASD would rush to the scene to rescue the dogs. After which, ASD would bring the dogs for medical examination, and nurse them back to health.


Treasure on Wheels

A notable story is that of Treasure, which was run over by a lorry and hence lost the use of its hind legs. Under the care of ASD, Treasure is now able to move about freely with the help of two rear wheels. Click here to see a video of Treasure preparing for the Singapore Specials Run 2014, where dogs participate in a 2km race along East Coast Park!


According to ASD, monthly maintenance fees are roughly S$40,000, in addition to medical bills of up to S$26,000. Their dog shelter at Lim Chu Kang currently homes close to 100 dogs, but due to budget constraints, the dog shelter is currently run by only 2 volunteers and 2 part-time workers, and there is insufficient space to accommodate more dogs.

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How you can help


For this special collaboration, theBowerbirds is selling these dog portraits in the form of merchandise such as canvas tote bags and postcards, apart from the limited edition prints on fine art paper and Signature Edition prints on canvas. Each art print comes with a certificate of authenticity and a story of how each dog was rescued and its process of recovery.


Proceeds from the sale of art prints and merchandise would be channeled to ASD for its cause.  Every dollar helps!

Collage Canvas Tote Bag

(More designs available)

The Tales of Twelve Dogs - Postcards

Other than providing monetary assistance, you could also help by being a volunteer with ASD!  


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About Anchalee Temphairojana

Anchalee is an artist from Thailand who loves and cares very much for dogs. For more details on Anchalee, click here.  

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About Action for Singapore Dogs

Action for Singapore Dogs Society (ASD) was established in December 2000 as a non-profit organisation and officially registered with the Registry Of Societies in 2002. ASD is one of the oldest animal welfare groups in Singapore and has a no-kill policy. The organisation currently comprises 450 registered members and a pool of about 400 volunteers. For more information on ASD, visit