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theBowerbirds - Connie Kang







Yannan, Connie Kang


Date of Birth:
21 August 1984

Country of Birth:
Shanghai, China

Current Country of Residence:
United States of America

MFA, Academy of Art University

Art Direction, Art Style & Source of Inspiration: 
I love adopting various forms in my art works, and changing styles frequently. My creations are frequently inspired by daily happenings and movies, and I also like observing and sketching the expressions and figures of people. Movies are good fodder for inspiration, primarily because movies allow me to gain greater insight into a subject's unique character and also because of the inspiration I draw from good cinematography. When I require inspiration for the fashion design of my characters, I often get this from movies set in the relevant time period as well. The differing social and cultural backgrounds of the subjects of these movies give me greater depth and allow me to broaden my horizons. For me, art is the mode by which I record my life and communicate with people.