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oki_chu / 沖冲 


Date of Birth:

Country of Birth:
Mie prefecture, Japan

Current Country of Residence:

Graduated from Seian University of Art and Design

Ongoing and Previous Exhibitions:
"Kibun", a Japanese Art Exhibition in Berlin

Previous Art Works/Series and Works in Progress:

2002: Okichu's career started with his first solo exhibition "P" . This was followed by several solo shows and group exhibitions. 

2003: Graduated from Seian University of Art and Design. 

2004: Solo Exhibition "Arayurumono ni Oboreru Mori" at Trancepop Gallery,Kyoto,Japan. 

2005: Moved to Tokyo and experimented with painting, drawing and manga techniques on canvas. 

2007: Created the live drawing party "bLack 2 bLack" with with Yosuke Gohda and Shogo Yoshikawa. In this project they explored new form of fusion of music and drawings. 

2008: Art space "Mograg Garage" was opened with Motoko Ohta in the garage of their house. 

2010: Solo Exhibition "THE BEAUTIFUL DECAY" at Billiken Gallery,Tokyo,Japan. 

2011: Group Exhibition "KIBUN" at Le Petit Mignon (Staalplaat store),Berlin,Germany.

Art Direction, Art Style & Source of Inspiration:
All my works are fragments of a story/narrative world in my head. 

In order to access this story/narrative, I first do line drawings subconsciously, and then search for (and find) a few shapes/forms from the picture. 

Those things that I grope for and find are from the manga and games I interacted with in my childhood, and from my daily experiences.

I look in at the stories in me through these artworks that are composed of and finally constituted from the above. 

Style: Acrylic paint and pen drawings.

Sources of inspiration: Nintendo and Hayao Miyazaki.

Oki-chu's shop in Japan: