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Profile Picture of Naisya Suherman

Naisya Suherman


Date of Birth:
2 September 1993

Country of Birth:

Current Country of Residence:
Jakarta, Indonesia 

Major in Art Education at State University of Jakarta, Indonesia

Ongoing and Previous Exhibitions:


International Mail Art Exhibition and Swap, Richmond Art Gallery, Canada
NON Expression, Taman Budaya Jawa Tengah, Solo, Indonesia
Senen vs Lempuyangan Exhibition, Galeri Cipta II, Jakarta, Indonesia
ACT 2 Art Charity Exhibition - Kopi Keliling, Kedai Tjikini, Jakarta, Indonesia


Veminim Exhibition, Kersan Art Studio, Solo, Indonesia

Art Direction, Art Style & Source of Inspiration: 
I capture and draw my nonsense to make a lot of sense.