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Lee Shu Jun Joyce


Date of Birth:
2 Aug 86

Country of Birth:

Current Country of Residence:

LASALLE College of the Arts, BA(HONS) of Arts with Second Class Honours (1st Division)

Ongoing and Previous Exhibitions:

The ‘TRANSMISSION: PROJECT’ is an annual experimental incubator platform founded by :phunk studio, an award winning Singaporean contemporary art and design collective.

Title of artwork: The Dream Seeker

Kaleidoscope is the process that deconstructs, and then represents a transformed vision of fragments unified by an entirely new message. In this installation the artists use the kaleidoscope as a metaphor to address one’s dream-seeking journey. The falling star / meteorite contemplates the supreme motion of creation. As a composition, the meteorite exists seed-like in form, complete in its beginning that in turn, evokes immense possibilities arising at the moments of its ending. 

The installation comprises a pentagonal flower origami and an illuminated modular star origami in the middle. The pentagonal flower origami symbolizes the dream-seeking journey and the different layers of the flower petals symbolize the fragments of the falling star / meteorite (dream). Lastly, the illuminated star in the middle symbolizes one’s dream. Illustrations will be printed on the different surfaces of the pentagonal flower origami. The illustrations depict one’s dream-seeking journey.

Previous Art Works/Series and Works in Progress:


Noise Singapore 2011 Festival Showcase Exhibition, Singapore
Noise Singapore 2011 Train Showcase Exhibition, Singapore
100 Friends 100 Artists 100 Inspirations, Singapore


Noise Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games, Bus-Stop Showcase Exhibition, Singapore


LIVING IN MOTION, LASALLE College of the Art,  Degree Graduation Show 2009, Singapore

Art Direction, Art Style & Source of Inspiration:
As a Singapore-born Chinese who is strongly influenced by Western culture and media, Joyce is a creature of both worlds, and has an ardent love for folk art, mythological tales, marvels of nature, and street culture. She believes in rediscovering her heritage through the beauty of traditional Chinese art, and tries to visually express both her Chinese roots and Western influences in her creations, as well as other motifs from her home city, Singapore. Nonetheless, Joyce believes that she is still in a stage of experimentation and has yet to confine herself to a specific style. She does, however, like to blend traditional forms, such as watercolor, with digital technology. Other sources of inspiration for Joyce include Jimmy Liao (幾米), phunk studio, Wu Guanzhong (吳冠中) and her mother.