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Date of Birth:
16 Nov 87

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Bachelor of Fine Arts (Visual Communications), School of Art Design & Media, Nanyang Technological University

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Commonwealth Photographic Awards 2010, London, UK
12x: An Art Experiment, Singapore
Evil Empire, Singapore

Art Direction, Art Style & Source of Inspiration: 
I have been trained in Fine Arts since the young age of 3 in genres such as painting, drawing, etc. In recent years, however, I been experimenting in other disciplines like graphic design and photography. Art is a form of universal expression, and bringing various principles together allows for innovation and the element of the 'unexpected' when conveying what I want to say. As such, I look towards incorporating the different disciplines I have experimented with together. In addition, I try to incorporate design principles in my artistic concepts. This inspires a more liberal approach and a spirit of unconformity during the production of my work.