Artist Directory

Angeline Oei


Date of Birth:
27 Feb 86

Country of Birth:

Current Country of Residence:
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Bachelor’s degree in English Literature from National University of Singapore in 2009.

Currently studying Fashion Design at Amsterdam Fashion Institute.

Ongoing and Previous Exhibitions: 

The owner of the Prosaic Shop since 2010 – The Prosaic Shop illustrates the everyday life, the common people and readymade objects. It hopes to transform the generic into the personal. All illustrations and designs are by Angeline Oei.

Previous Art Works/Series and Works in Progress:

- The Prosaic Series Postcards
- Within / Without
- Postcard for Amsterdam Inspiration Guide
- Poetry Greeting Cards
- In Motion
- Rockstar X’mas Edition

Art Direction, Art Style & Source of Inspiration:
I have a penchant for hand-drawn illustrations combined with digital editing andam largely inspired by the everyday life, common people, hidden corners, gaps and crevices, transient moments, and the imagined spaces between fiction and reality.